Thursday, September 11, 2014

ANNIE IN A KIMONO, click to bid

The garden is wasting away. It's time to pull up the dried-up tomato plants, pull more weeds from the flower beds, purchase carloads of mulch and put my garden to bed for the winter. Usually at this time of year I'm sad to see the growing season come to an end but this year I'm actually relieved. I'm afraid I'm overwhelmed by the garden and house. I won't feel so divided now as I climb a borrowed ladder and clean, sand and paint my house's exterior (I'll hire someone to do the really high areas), sand and paint my front porch floor a glossy gray, and get my house shiny and sparkly for the winter. I am enjoying it, no matter how much work it is.

"Annie in a Kimono" is an Atlanta model; all the figurative painters in the area love Annie. And I do too. This is a 5x7 pastel up for auction. Click on the title above, or the picture if I did this correctly, to view the auction.

Monday, September 1, 2014


I was right. I've been challenged again by someone else to do something else. Can't do it. Can't allow myself to be obliged to so many people. Sorry.

And I forgot to say 3 more things I am grateful for on the second day. So here they are a day or two late:
1. I'm grateful for a garden, good black soil and the proliferation of seeds I am now accumulating.
2. I'm grateful for good neighbors (who make an incredible hot pepper jelly from the peppers growing outside my kitchen window--I served it on brie yesterday when I had some recently single high school friends over--it was a big hit).
3. I'm grateful for my kitty Molly, who has become an amusing little companion and bed partner, even though she's lately gotten into the habit of crying to go out the back door only to cry to come in the front door only to cry to go out the back door only to cry to come in the front door only to...

This pastel is another 5x7 up for auction. Click on the title to see the auction. Bidding begins at $100. Good luck if you're bidding.