Tuesday, November 29, 2016

2016 was a hell of a year...

...and I am glad to see it go.

My ex husband of 22 years was diagnosed with malignant melanoma on January 29. He was gone 5 weeks later. But those 5 weeks were unspeakable (the reason I have not written in my blog this year), as I watched him die, and watched my daughters nurse their daddy at home and lose him in such a wretched way. There has seemed to be a pointlessness about things ever since; I can only imagine what his family and my daughters are experiencing.

I'm writing now because of a conversation with my oldest daughter this afternoon; she brought up my blog because she wanted to show one of her teachers (Anna's going to nursing school in Savannah) my work, and the possible bargains that can usually be had this time of year as I try to empty my studio to make room for the upcoming year's work, and get through Christmas without using the charge cards. So I figure it's good motivation to write again. I hope there are still people out there who want to read it.

So, if I can actually follow through with this, I intend to start putting up some of the work I was able to do this year and auction it all off at bargain basement prices. The piece above is one I really like and will not be auctioning at a bargain basement price, but I thought maybe if I put a pretty picture up here, you'll be tempted to read the blog.

Anna too, a beautiful, sensitive writer, has been paralyzed by the trauma of this year. Maybe she'll write soon too.

"Private Practice" is a 16x20 oil on board.