Friday, March 6, 2015

Oy veh.

I have been a little overwhelmed. I think I went into paralysis mode after I committed myself several months ago to two workshops in Europe in 2015. The first in Florence, Italy, in May (oy) and the second in France in late August (veh). What was I thinking?

Actually, first I went into denial...nobody's going to sign up, neither class will make, nothing to worry about. Then the paralysis set in; I avoided advertising them because, of course, they weren't going to happen. When I was notified last week by Debra Zamperla (the wonderful artist friend who, with her genuinely Italian husband, Ivano, is orchestrating the Italy class) that the 8th person had finalized their commitment, that it was time to purchase our flights, I believe that is when my denial subsided, culminating in a bona fide anxiety attack on Tuesday. Oy veh.

No kidding. Breathing into a brown paper bag. Which doesn't help, by the way.

So, now I have to deal with THE FRANCE WORKSHOP!!! Kippy (if you have read my blog, you'll recognize Kippy as the wonderful artist friend who lives in France, and who, with her genuinely French husband, Jerome, orchestrates my annual workshop in Fontaine-Fourches.) Where was I? Kippy. Kippy has only called me about 4 times, very patiently, wondering if I'm really committed to this because I've been strangely silent for quite a while. "I've been overwhelmed," I told her today.

So France is on. This will be my 5th year there. I have spent two glorious weeks at Kippy's and Jerome's home every summer for 4 years. They wine and dine us and drive us here and there to medeival walled towns and museums and Saturday markets and Paris and brocants (flea markets on Sundays in neighboring towns, where I have picked up treasures for practically nothing, be still my heart). We work in the studio with a model in a Degas-esque boudoir set-up, we work from our market and Paris photos late into the evenings, sipping wine, we dine like royalty and we laugh a lot. No need to speak French, they do. This trip is a no-brainer. You get your ticket to Charles de Gaulle; Kippy and Jerome will pick you up and return you to Charles de Gaulle at the right time. In between will be 2 weeks of absolute escapism.

Did I mention the cheese?

There is still room for 2 more people in my Italy class, and plenty of room in my France class (because this is my first promotion of it). Info about my Italy class:
Info about my France class: