Thursday, October 23, 2008

To help my cousin Artie.

"The Wishing Pond" is a 10x16 framed oil on board. Retail value $2700.00.

"Two Lilies" (you may remember the smaller 5x7 study of this) is a 12x16 framed pastel on Pastelbord. Retail value $1700.00.

My cousin, Art Phinney (Artie to us), served on the Albany, NY, police department for 27 years. He suffered a heart attack in June, while attending Bike Week in Laconia, NH, and underwent 5-way bypass two days later in Manchester, NH. His wife, Chris, traveled between Albany and New Hampshire for over a month, cutting into the family's savings. On July 30, Artie and Chris flew home on a medical transport helicopter that was not covered by the family's health insurance.

This coming Sunday, there will be a benefit at the Albany Elks' Lodge at 25 S. Allen Street, Albany, NY, from noon to 6 p.m. to help defray the family's extraordinary costs. "The Wishing Pond" and a "Two Lilies" will be part of the auction.

If any of you are in the Albany area, and are interested in helping, email my niece Shannon at

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  1. Both incredible pieces, as always. I hope the funds raised helped take the edge off the expenses. And speedy health to your cousin.