Tuesday, March 10, 2009


OK. I never claimed to be the outdoorsy type. For about 8 years now, I've been driving past Lake Carroll and its geese (Canadian Geese, I now know, thank-you, Gary) and one lone white swan. I promised I'd paint her. I finally took the time this past weekend in the gorgeous 70 degree weather to photograph her.

So she's not a swan. I am so embarrassed.

But what the heck is she doing in a lake with all Canadian geese? I wonder if she has any idea how different she is. They didn't seem to notice. But I don't see any little babies that look like her...


  1. I have recently had it explained to me that they are called Canada geese, not Canadian geese, since they are not actually residents of Canada. Armed with this information who knows what you'll be able to accomplish, right?

  2. I live next to the D&R Canal in NJ. There are a number of domestic geese, some white, some hybrids, that have been "dropped off" over the years. They live with the wild Canada geese, but can't fly away. A couple weeks ago a couple swans did appear. They are much larger. Anyway, I enjoy your geese pastels.

  3. Margaret, congrats on your win in the 2009 Artist's Magazine all-media online competition. (Just saw it today.)

  4. I love your swan not a swan series. The colors are just exquisite. What great color vibrations you have created!