Thursday, July 16, 2009


ANNETTE AT THE WINDOW II is a 5x7 pastel on PastelBord. Bidding begins at $100.00 (and much to my chagrin, usually sells for that much. You don't know what a bargain this is).

So this is how this piece came about. I was teaching a small group of women in Chattanooga. We rented an empty store, which contained the remnants of the previous retailer: a couple of beautiful upholstered chairs, shelving creatively draped with fabric. Other than that, the room was virtually empty. We put Annette in front of the shelves, moved the chair around until we liked it, put a spotlight on Annette, and that's what you see now. Annette is not really at a window. She's facing a wall.

In the past, I've had prospective customers say, "Tell me about this painting. What's going on here?" I tell them the real story (like the one I just told you); I see their faces drop. I can see they had something wonderful in their heads already, and I just blew the sale. So nowadays, when I'm asked that question, I say, "The story is for you to make up."

And I just put my quotation mark after the period.


  1. Margaret,

    These are wonderful life drawings.
    Love the technique you use with

    I know what you mean about wide eyed students.
    My first experience was in 1963. I've always loved
    life drawing.

  2. Your paintings are beautiful. And I LOVE your answer to questions about the story is for you to make up....Sometimes I'm asked about where a place is that I painted, so I'm faced with a similar situation.

  3. What? You mean you didn't just happen upon a woman in front of a window wearing an orange thong?
    (And you were lucky enough to have your pastels,paper, easel.)

    I like your idea of not telling the story behind the art-people usually come up with better ones on their own.

    This is a really nice piece and I've already made up my own story for it.