Monday, August 3, 2009


This was fun. I had a few chuckles and would have loved to award 3, in fact, I'm forcing myself to stick to one. But I may very well do this again. It's given me a chance to see who reads my blog, and I've never had so many comments and good wishes.

Oh yeah........Lori Newman wins, if for nothing other than hitting every possible idea that might appeal to me. Here's her comment:

Top 10 possible reasons why Margaret Dyer broke her arm:

#10 Her new heavy-handed approach to painting was a little too heavy.
#9 Fighting off the paparazzi.
#8 Is thinking about switching to pigments that do not contain heavy metals.
#7 Trying to do the moon walk during a Michael Jackson tribute.
#6 Arm wrestling Hillary Clinton.
(she recently broke her elbow!)
#5 A twister game gone awry!
#4 Training for the next space shuttle mission,
"Painting: From white space to outer space."
#3 She wanted to get it over with before ObamaCare kicks in.
#2 Trying to calm frenzied fans at a recent art show.
and the #1 reason:
#1 Margaret was hit by a shoe while traveling in Iraq!

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