Friday, January 8, 2010

GIRL IN A RED KIMONO, click to bid

GIRL IN A RED KIMONO is a 5x7 pastel on Pastelbord.

Still below freezing temperatures here in Atlanta. Icy patches on the roads make driving hazardous. But 50ยบ temps promised for Thursday. I'm headed for the studio, 40 feet from my kitchen door, anxious to be productive, anxious to work on some new imagery. What to do... lately I'm thinking...cats? I've got 3 of them hunkered down in my cozy studio, reluctant to venture out onto the snow covered deck. There's a cat show in Birmingham at the end of the month. Could make for some interesting photos. Or it could be an absolute dud.

Any suggestions from you out there? If I follow through with any ideas you submit, a free original 5x7 pastel for you.


  1. How about picking a word or phrase and doing several paintings on that theme? My ideas are Voyage, Remembrance and "S/he'll be there." I'd love to see what you do with any of those themes.

    I always enjoy your paintings!

  2. Margaret,
    I am enjoying your work and words. I have always connected with your gentle creativity.
    I would love to see you try to capture total repose in someone's face. Total contentment... like the way a baby smiles in their sleep with not a care in the world.Then add the cat. Someone petting and looking at a cat but the focus is total love expression on the face.
    my best,
    Jill Bedford-photographer (in case you forgot me)

  3. Dear Margaret Dyer,

    I'm a big fan of your work. I love to watch your paintings and your way of dealing so beautifully with colours and even underneath there is a very perfect drawing. What I mean is, you've got it all! Bravo! It's very inspiring.
    If you don't mind I would suggest you an autoportrait? All great painters did that someday in there lifes... maybe there were out off models too...

    I wish you all the best.

  4. Hi Margaret, I have a photo you might enjoy. Just took it last week. I'll email it to you :-)
    Your posts and pix are refreshing, lovely, and frank.
    Thank you for sharing yourself with us.
    Carol Kanga

  5. Almost all your work is about people. Why not try a different perspective to look at them?
    From above? Take a ladder and see what the figures look like.

  6. I think you'd do wonderful cats!