Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A glimpse into my life...

So this week I received this email..."Congratulations! Your artwork has been chosen as a finalist in American Artist magazine’s 2010 cover art competition. Your painting, Little Dancer, along with information about you and your working process, will appear in the July issue of the magazine..."

Wonderful! All I needed to do was send them a 300ppi 11 inch image for publication. But wait...was it this one, named "Little Dancer" or this one named "Little Dancer?"

Or this one named "Little Dancer?"

So I've spent the last 3 days frantically trying to find documentation of which image I may have submitted to the competition. Nothing. Nowhere. Nada. A frantic email to the publication. A frantic phone call to the person who made the initial contact. A CD sent with all the images and a note. Finally someone called and emailed me the correct image. It was the first one. A little 5x7 which was purchased from my blog and ebay link a while back. So, if the current owner is reading this, keep your eye out, I'll post how this thing turns out.

A note to the current owner: The publication doesn't need the original piece of work. They will use my digital files. So enjoy your little dancer.

A note to me: Don't use the same title for different pieces.

A note to the rest of you: It is very difficult naming all this stuff.


  1. Congratulations, Margaret! "The Little Dancer" (the first one) was one of my favorite ones of yours. Oh, there have been lots of favorites, but this particular one stood out and has been stashed somewhere back in my memory (staying in my memory is no small feat). I think of it whenever your name comes up.

    Branding is a funny thing; you rarely get to pick what sticks. I don't know your competition for the magazine, but if they asked me, I'd tell them there's only one choice - "The Little Dancer".

  2. giving a title sometimes comes to mind during the thoughts that flood through my mind as i paint but recently i have had a similar problem:) they are all beautiful paintings.... congratulations!

  3. Congratulations! that's amazing news! ....and a funny story :) glad it worked out :)

  4. Fabu, Margaret, good things come in 3's, can't wait to see what is next.

  5. Love your dancer - do I get to pick? - the first one. I also have titled a painting and then accidently titled another the same, several years later. Just seemed so appropriate too.

  6. Congrats, Margaret! That is one of my faves... maybe the next one should be "Tiny Dancer".

  7. Well done, Margaret! Love all the three...and always enjoy your blog!
    I can sooo relate to the name thing and I too am guilty of using the same title on works!! Now I am using # 1 ,# 2 etc!! But I have NEVER been what one could say is "organized"!
    I will be looking for the article!!

  8. Congratulations! I think they should put all three on the cover....a montage of "Little dancers", because they all are wonderful.

  9. I too have paintings with the same titles and often get confused even with their being numbered. I am doing a series of pond paintings like that but I stopped at number for this reason. The Little Dancer is a winner in any case. Congratulation!!!

  10. Thrilling news! Your art and your willingness to share it with all of us are both qualities I celebrate right along with you. Your new studio sounds like art heaven, and I so admire your energy to make the most of it! I imagine "Little Dancer" as leaping around your new space, reveling in her "Hide and Seek" game through American Artist. Congratulations, Margaret!

  11. Hee hee, funny post...I agree, it's hard naming 'em all, and it's harder sometimes to figure out if you're already used a name.
    Congratulations, it's lovely. I also really like the feeling of movement in the newest post.