Friday, May 14, 2010


Another Wave is a 9x12 pastel on sanded paper.

I really and truly am wanting to write in this blog, but life just keeps getting in the way. I'm afraid I've committed myself to way more than I should have, and it's showing up in my life. And my anxiety level.

I leave next Thursday to teach a workshop in Amelia Island, Florida, and will be bringing a van full of art to exhibit, in hopes that maybe a few more people who see my work in person will want to join the class. I'm hoping to come home with lots of pictures of children on the beach to paint from. That Sunday evening, after the class ends, I'll drive the 5-6 hours back home to pack my bags. I'll be leaving the next Tuesday for FRANCE (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), where I'll be teaching for 2 weeks. I've never been before. I'm nearly giddy.

The only thing that dampens my giddiness is the fact that my oldest daughter, Anna, and my 6 year old grandson, Victor, will be leaving while I am gone. They will be flying to Alaska to join Jerry, Anna's husband, who recently got home from his 3rd tour in Afghanistan. He'll be stationed in Alaska for 2 more years; Anna and Jerry plan on continuing their education afterwards, in Alaska. So I'm told that it may be 5 years before I see them again. It's only just now beginning to sink in.

But here's what I figure. I'll put out word on my blog, Facebook, everywhere I can, to see if someone would be interested in trading air miles for a piece of my art. I may get there before Victor starts growing facial hair.


  1. I just made a short term goal to join in on one of your workshops one day. you will love France.

  2. Oh-my-heavens, Margaret. I thought about you all day today, a lot. You were certainly on my mind. Now I understand why. You are just down the road, I wish I could give you a hug right now. Tina

  3. Wow, love your pastel paintings. Can't wait to see more from the beach.


  4. Your desire to visit your daughter and family in Alaska will be fulfilled, I am confident. Great idea bartering art for air miles. Perhaps discounts on your workshops or a private lesson? Good luck with your travels!

  5. Wonderful piece! Have fun in France!

  6. margaret, here i am psyching myself out about driving a few hours to a workshop and you post about driving all over creation by yourself and then hopping a plane to France. i need to grow up~ anyway, im sure im one of the many that appreciate you sending your updates and new paintings with regularity, it helps like a kick in the pants to get me working more. after all those years as a figure painter, and only one or two as a landscape painter, i was thrilled to see how you have captured both so lovely in this piece...jeri

  7. Your work looks calm and serene! Beautiful.

    Florida and France...!

    I will check my airmiles and see what can be done to get you to Alaska. ;-)