Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I have been unfaithful. I have been remiss. I have been distracted. I have been seduced by Facebook. I have forgotten to write in my blog. I am ashamed. I've forfeited the quiet intimacy of the blog for the superficial trivia of Facebook and I'm beginning to feel malnourished. I'm trying to return to blogging. Forgive me, anyone who may  have been wondering where the heck I've gone.

I so love to write. And I so love to get the heartfelt responses some people write. I feel a sense of awe when people share their hearts with me. And Facebook just can't compare.

I've been busy too though. Dallas, Texas, to see the "Sorolla and America" exhibit at the Meadows Museum of Art, where I stayed with my ex-sister-in-law and had a cathartic two days; Scottsdale, Arizona, to teach at the art mecca, the Scottsdale Artists School, where revered artists display their work down the long hallways. I'm headed to Ann Arbor in a couple of weeks to teach another workshop, hosted by Debra Zamperla. Debra and her husband Ivano, a native of Italy, are planning a workshop for me in Italy in 2015. Ivano will make the experience perfect; I can't even begin to imagine it. If anybody is interested in hearing more about the trip, contact Debra at idzamperla@gmail.com. Tell her you want to be on the mailing list for the 2015 Italy trip. This June... I'm headed to France again, to La Bonne Etoile with Kippy. And yes, I'll bore you again with our daily doings.

I'm waking up from 4 years of dearth, for lack of a better word. Getting back into shows, winning awards, taking classes. I'm seeing this coming year as a year of creativity and reinvention. Kinda chomping at the bit here.

The above pastel, "Buckhead Diner," recently won "Outstanding Figurative Award" at the Women Painters of the Southeast Exhibition at the Magnolia Gallery in Greensboro, GA, where it will hang until April 18.

"Taxi," one of 2 shared top award winners at the Degas Pastel Society this past year, will be displayed at the International Association of Pastel Societies Exhibition at the prestigious Vose Galleries of Boston, May-June, 2014, where I will be one of 3 jurors.

And the painting below, "Rosza Resting," will be in the Southeastern Pastel Society 16th International Juried Exhibition at the Oglethorpe Museum of Art. You are all invited to the opening reception, May 15, 2014, 5-7 p.m.

Oglethorpe University
Museum of Art
4484 Peachtree St. NE
Atlanta, GA 30319
Opening and Reception May 15, 2014 , 5-7 p.m.

OK I'm trying to make a comeback. Stumbling a bit, but coming back.


  1. So glad you are back, I'm not on Facebook and I love seeing your work...:)

  2. You life, travels and paintings are idyllic. I am glad you didn't stay away too long.

  3. I HAVE missed reading your wonderful blog but I know how that goes.... I will go months without posting on my blog and then I'll do a flurry of posts. Keeping up with your wonderful awards on Facebook though. Can't wait until The France workshop. Carry on!

  4. Though I met you only once, last summer on an early morning Albuquerque airport shuttle, I love reading your writings and seeing your art. Welcome back!

  5. Glad you are back. I too have been sucked into facebook and the total amount of time I have wasted watching others is sad. So many artists have abandoned their blogs.

  6. WOW you have been busy indeed Margaret! Congrats on your paintings, they are lovely as always. I love reading your blog posts, so I too hope you keep sharing your journey with us.

  7. You rock, Margaret!! 1) I so wish I could attend one of your workshops and 2) I look forward to seeing new work!!