Monday, August 10, 2015

TYBEE ISLAND AFTERNOON, click here to view auction on Daily Paintworks

I visited my daughter, her husband and son in Savannah this past weekend. She and I spent Saturday morning walking the Bonaventure Cemetery reading gravestones and searching for angel sculptures. We had lunch at a little cafe down the road and then drove 20 minutes to Tybee Island where I got a gazillion photos for reference, and could legally write off the expenses of my trip.

So you're going to be seeing a few more beach scenes before I can get to cityscapes, as per Joan W.'s prompting. But Joan, I'm carrying my camera around with me in search of some good compositions. Thanks for your very excellent suggestion.

"Tybee Island Afternoon" is a 9x12 pastel on Pastelboard, unframed. It's up for auction (as usual) on Daily Paintworks. Click here to view the auction.

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  1. Very interesting blog with so beautiful paintings !!!
    Have a nice summer day Margaret !!!