Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A sunny day in Ballyhack Ireland

I participated in a plein air event in Wexford, Ireland a few years ago. I had no idea what a plein air event was; I was out of my league. It rained nonstop, and I was doing pastels at the time. Not a good mixture, pastels and rain. Needless to say, it was a very difficult time for me.

This oil painting I did from a photo I took on the trip one day when the sun made its brief appearance. I hope to go back to the annual plein air event in Wexford one day, now that I know better what I’m doing.

This is an 11x14 oil on board, up for auction or sale on DailyPaintworks. Bidding begins at $200 or you can purchase it for $400 outright. You can watch the auction or purchase this painting by going here:


  1. I too went to Art in The Open in Wexford a few years ago. It was wonderful. I had wanted to go to Ireland for many years. Met so many wonderful people, and had a great time. But, I took oils, not pastels. Those "soft days" in Ireland would wreck havoc with pastels!! Love the painting!

  2. Great colour combination and painterly brush marks. Strong compostion too! A lovely painting.