Sunday, December 4, 2016

I have to vent here...

 "FIRST DAY AT THE BEACH" is 16X20 oil on board, up for auction. Bidding begins at $200. Go here to view the auction:


  1. I see the same thing. And maybe worse with younger people who are so absorbed in their phones and sharing what they look at ... but never actually talking to another. This painting is beautiful! Your oils look very like your pastels... lovely color and strokes and nice impression!

  2. Yuck! Mom, thank you for teaching me to always be curious about other people. And, not just to have idle curiosity, but genuine concern. Also, you need new friends.

    1. You restore my faith in mankind, Anna.

  3. I find that many folks these days have no filters. In any case, I love your paintings and love seeing them.

  4. On social "absence of" skills - nope you're not making too much of it...
    On your pictures - wonderful stuff - I want to get one soon...

  5. This sounds remarkably familiar to our dinner with Max a few months ago.

  6. Barbara MurphyDecember 05, 2016

    Your comment reminded me that selfishness, self-centeredness, is the root of my problem :). I don't think it's characteristic of any particular group - I know I've got it, and when I remember that I do, it helps me ask about others, think about others, before myself.
    Your paintings are just dang luscious! I love them!

  7. No. You're not making too much of it. When people don't allow a conversation to breath, it is annoying. Also, I love this painting!

  8. The tendency to start talking about one's self and personal concerns and continue on whether your listener is interested or not has become epidemic.

    Your two examples are especially egregious and I would have excused myself from the table, but I sure do notice it. I've become something of a hermit because I'm just not interested in a blow by blow about the daily minutae of your kids or grandkids if I've never met them (and sometimes even if I have).

    There's sooooo much going on that's interesting in this world of ours there is just no reason to spend time with people who don't enrich our lives.

  9. Love love love your painting!!!
    Omg, people of all ages talk my ears off about themselves, never asking about me or observing anything interesting around them. I agree, I have a natural curiosity about others and the world around me and we need to more quickly end those self indulgent conversations or politely ask what made them think we are interested in their topic.