Monday, June 3, 2019

Thursday, Fiesole. Friday, departure.

We packed our bags Thursday morning and caught a cab to our new place in Fiesole, a charming hilltop village which overlooks Tuscany. We each had our own room, bathroom and balcony. There was a large patio attached to my room, where we had a new model, Maya, pose for us. We also photographed her in the little village--walking the streets, buying dolci from a vendor, and sipping coffee at an outside bistro. The proprietors of the bistro watched as we all followed Maya around with our cameras, shooting everything she did. They must have assumed she was a celebrity because they got into the act and took selfies with her!

The next day, our last of the workshop, most of us painted in our own rooms, others joined me on my patio, while I went from room to room giving direction if the artist needed it. For dinner, we climbed the steep and winding roads into town for shopping and dinner. There were charming little gift shops full of little decorative things for our homes. I got a tablecloth which I will convert into curtains.

Friday is departure day. It is sad leaving this beautiful place. Debra and Ivano are trying to find a place to buy here; they have been coming here every summer for quite a few years, and the Michigan winters are becoming less bearable for them. They could retire here and continue the workshop business from their hopefully large home in Tuscany. Ivano and one of his 3 sons (you should see these stunning Italian boys) is a builder by profession; they are on the lookout for a derelict villa to renovate. How glorious!!!!!

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