Friday, December 6, 2019

I apologize.

I need to apologize to the people who subscribe to my blog. It appears there is a delay of several hours from the moment I send a new blog post until the post arrives in your email boxes. Sometimes the post isn't delivered until the next day. That explains why, if you followed my link to my 'cleaning out the studio sale', everything was already sold when you got to view them all.

The only solution I can think to avoid this next time is if I place your email address on my MailChimp mailing list (those guys and my facebook friends were the first to get to my sale). Those recipients receive my posts almost immediately. If you want me to put your name on my mailing list, please email me at

I am still cleaning out my studio, uploading work to my web site. There's still more to be had. All pastels and paintings will be priced at $100-$150.

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