Saturday, November 3, 2007


5x7 signed pastel on board. Bidding starts at $100.00

Another from our session at the High Museum last week. 8 artists formed a semi-circle around two models dressed in 19th century clothing, tucked away in the corner of the Weiland Pavillion at the High Museum. I think most of us were a little anxious about working while 100-200 people from the Bank of America event looked on. But just like when you're in any other sketch group, the model sits, and the artists get to work. The world seems to disappear for a few hours, and we saw nothing but the models and our paper. For the most part, the people behind us socialized, and occasionally came to our corner and watched as our pieces progressed.

Boy, it felt wonderful to be drawing that way. It's been a few years since I've gone to sketch groups. I'd forgotten how much I love it. And how much of a raport there is among the artists who do this sort of thing. I'm going to have to find another weekly group somewhere.

Got some great pictures, so there will be a few up here in the coming days.

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