Thursday, January 31, 2008


oops. Back to Annette again.

But while I'm here, I have to mention Diane. Many many years ago, when a weekly sketch group was the highlight of my week (it would be still, if I were going to one), I stood sketching a model with about 6 artists, none of whom I knew. They were not an especially talkative group. I was slowly realizing that they were not very friendly either. In fact, I was beginning to think they were taking themselves a little too seriously, when this lady from across the room would occasionally blurt out the funniest comments. I'd chuckle, the rest of the room remained silent. I continued drawing, astonished--both at this lady's unusual sense of humor, and the group's absolute lack of one.

That was Diane Tigue across the room. I made a beeline for her after the session to introduce myself. Somehow, she and I struck up a friendship which has lasted many years. She and her husband left me and moved to Wichita, then to Savannah, where I get to visit her a little more often.

Diane has a blog. You've got to read it. I think she's got to be one of the funniest people I know--and she writes beautifully. And she creates the most charming images.

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