Friday, July 4, 2008


Please forgive me for any duplicate emails you may have gotten yesterday. My post was up, then it wasn't, so I posted it again. And then an older post, with a sold piece, got inadvertently published again. Maybe I'd better stay away from the computer.

This piece, "A Classic", is from a Carroll County garden show a few weeks ago. Carrollton Artists braved almost 100ยบ weather and set up easels in the participating gardens to paint. Our wet paintings were hung that evening in a local gallery (Bradley Street Gallery). This particular subject caught my eye. I think I'm more comfortable with more structural things like buildings, cars, and people. Gardens, as much as I love them, overwhelm me when I try to paint them. Can't find a focal point, too much green. Let me just find something concrete to deal with.

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  1. AnonymousJuly 09, 2008

    Margaret, love this painting. As one who was at that garden event and saw that very car, I am thrilled you chose to paint it, it is perfect AND JUST AS IT WAS IN ITS SETTING. Fabulous job.
    This painting, as with all your paintings, is fantastic. Love your work, and know it anywhere I go.