Tuesday, July 8, 2008


These are friends who canoed down the New River with my husband and me, near our home in west Georgia. If my durned camera hadn't been so slow, I could have gotten a shot of Bonnie standing at the bow of the canoe, a la George Washington crossing the Potomac. It was very funny at the time. My husband and I once took a canoe trip down New River in the moonlight--a full moon in mid summer. The river was as calm as a lake. The picture is burned in my mind--beautiful.

Now this may sound like I'm some sort of outdoors person, but I've actually only been camping once in my life, much to my husband's chagrin. And I couldn't sleep the entire night for the trickling sound of a creak nearby. I kept wondering when someone was going to turn that #$%@* water off.

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  1. margaret, I live in Florida right down the road from the Wekiva River and this could be a painting from my neck of the woods, it's beautiful and I love it!