Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lisa, sold

"Lisa" is a 5x7 pastel on PastelBord.

This is Lisa, a model from my recent workshop in the Seattle area. You'll see a few more of her.

I've been busy lately, thus, the inactivity on this blog. Got to see the beautiful northwest Pacific again. I'm always astounded by the beauty of that place. And the gardens! I gape at the lush colorful gardens everywhere, and feel so deprived, coming from the southeast, where ours should be at least as beautiful. But they're not. Of course our drought, several years long, is mostly to blame. But the bugs down here! And the Pacific northwest has all that rain. I had no idea what a difference these things could make. Makes me want to pack my bags and head up there.


  1. i'll plant a million and one lush gardens...and kidnap a thousand and two bugs for you...if you promise not to leave.



    your youngest