Friday, August 29, 2008


This is a 5x7 pastel on PastelBord. Bidding starts at $100.

OK. I've done a little thinking of composition. Actually, I just lied. I haven't. Never thought about it again after I said I would. Not out of meanness, but because my brain is so easily distracted, it is usually days, if not weeks, before I remember I was supposed to do something (that also explains why I don't return a lot of emails and phone calls--I just plain got distracted by the next email I opened). Do you think that may be ADD? I'll have to remember to look that up.

But I can still say something about composition.

I don't put a lot of planning into my compositions. I know from my experience many years ago in the graphic arts, that when an element on a page 'bleeds' off the page, say, a little corner of something, it draws the viewer's eye into the page. That's something I usually do with an elbow, the tip of the head, something. By having a little something bleed off the page, maybe quite a few somethings, it creates unusual shapes of negative space, making things look abstract, which I think makes a piece more interesting. Then there are the well-known rules, like not starting in the middle of the page--I place things off-center. And I avoid making horizontal or vertical lines divide the piece in half. I always look for thirds if possible. It's pretty much that simple. Just a few good habits.

Did that help, Jennifer?

Now the reason I got distracted yesterday–a friend and I are planning a photo shoot. After lunch at a Mexican buffet, we spent the day hitting local junk shops and thrift stores looking for billowy dresses and costume jewelry. Then we've got a girl coming, whom we will dress like a Barbie doll. (oy. what a wretched job I have) It should be fun. You should be seeing it all soon in an upcoming series.

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