Monday, January 26, 2009

The Protector

"The Protector" is a 12x16 pastel on PastelBord, hanging now in my show at ChristChurch Presbyterian in Atlanta.

This is my daughter, Anna, and her son Victor. It was a few years ago when we took this vacation. My two beautiful daughters and Victor had a picnic on the beach while I played the paparazzi with my camera. Today, if he isn't Spiderman literally bouncing from wall to wall, 4 year old Victor is a Power Ranger, swinging around with his karate chops, or expertly showing me how his newest transformer works. He was at my show last Friday night. At times I'd pan the crowd and see him across the room writhing on the floor amid all the grown-up legs. I'm sure it was for a perfectly good four year old reason.


  1. hi:)
    Really nice work in here. I´ve started to paint portraits in pastel but still have a LOT to learn. Maybe in time I can paint almost as good as you (I HOPE).
    Good luck with your show.

  2. fantastic ! all the very best for you show

    yours Edward

  3. Margaret, I am a follower your work, it's a great inspiration. I love your colors. Hope your show is a success.

  4. margaret, this is beautiful. I just love all the variety of blues. I remember your telling us about Victor.... :)

  5. I love this because it's not your gaggingly-typical "woman and infant on the beach" painting. It looks like a moment in the real life of a mother and her child, not trying to be anything but in the moment. Beautiful.