Friday, July 2, 2010


MARKET DAY is a 5x7 pastel on PastelBord. Bidding begins at $100.

I've been waylaid by the flu. A nasty germ that has knocked me down for about a week. Fever, cough, sneezing, barely can breathe. Got it from my husband, who seemed to have had it worse than I do. I'm on the upswing though, and am able to get back to the easel, finishing up a commission and some small pieces of France. I'm not back 100%, still fearful that I might start an epidemic if I go out in public, but I see light at the end of the tunnel.

MARKET DAY is from a day at the market during my recent visit to France. How vivid the images still are in my head--what a wonderful time I had. I have to say the trip has alleviated that gnawing angst I've had for years, wondering if I'd ever have the chance to travel, fretting that world events, crashing economies, health, anything or everything might prevent it . Well, it's done. And it was so easy. I'm ready to go again.


  1. Dear Margaret,
    I really love this work. Vivid colors, values, simplified subjects and a nicely captured atmospher. Bravo, Margaret!
    Cheers, wink, wink,

  2. Wonderful colors and feel!