Thursday, October 28, 2010


LES SERVEURS recently won an award at the Degas Pastel Society Biennial National Exhibition at the Hammond Regional Art Center, in Hammond, LA. The show runs till November 5. You can see the entire show online with the link above (click the title). It's a scene from a restaurant in Paris.

And I'm returning to France again in June, looking for people to sign up for a week workshop with me. Info to come soon. The class is limited to 7 or 8 people, I don't remember which. If you didn't follow my blog this past summer during my first workshop there, you can see it in my May and June posts. I'll be teaching two sessions--two weeks. People can take one week or two. I'd better get those French audio lessons I've been meaning to; I promised I'd be able to speak French when I returned.

Three in a row! Gimme 5 (which I absolutely hate, when people do that).

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  1. Hi Margaret,
    it's so nice to hear from you again.
    And it's funny to see this picture, because I perfectly recall, when we where sitting there, having lunch and taking pictures. You captured it so perfectly well...