Friday, July 22, 2011

Rozsa, our model, with the laundry

Well, I'm recovered. I think. I got back on the 7th of July and had to hit the ground running. I edit the newsletter for the Southeastern Pastel Society, which was to be edited and published as soon as I got home. It's also the time of our annual exhibition, for which I create the show catalog. So I didn't have time to recover from my trip, being up all hours--for days-- on my computer. Then it took me a couple of weeks to pay bills, catch up on emails, do laundry, catch up on lost sleep. I'm only just now feeling like I can function at normal speed again. I think I'll think again next time I'm asked to commit to being out of town for a month.

But...France was magical. The artists who took my classes made it that much more so. I will treasure the memory of every face I had the honor to work and play with. If any of you think it'd be fun to join me at future workshops there, please do. Kippy will somehow make you feel like you're her very best friend by the time you leave La Bonne Etoile.

I never did put up the work from the students from my first week's class--we had opted not to have a vernissage (private exhibition) at the end of the week, so I had difficulty figuring out whose paintings were whose when I finally got around to looking at their work. But I'm going to upload their work for my next post--it'll take me a little time to do it.

In the meantime, here's something I did from the workshop photo sessions. I'll be posting more of these images in the days to come.

"Rozsa with the Laundry" is a 9x12 pastel on LaCarte paper, a larger size than my usual little 5x7 auction pieces. Bidding begins at $450.00.

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