Saturday, April 7, 2012

Catching you all up to speed...

People keep asking me about the house. My loan is still in underwriting. Closing should be April 20, if all goes well. Right now I'm getting occasional phone calls from Wells Fargo, asking me to send a letter to the explaining this or that, then silence. I've exhausted myself with worrying, so I'm beyond that now. Just waiting for a "Congratulations..." or "We regret to inform you..." letter. You'll hear as soon as I do.

Meanwhile, my last blog post about my upcoming France workshop did the trick. Last slot filled by Katie, who was with us last year. What fun! Katie and I may go a few days early, to join up with Alice, who also went last year, to roam around France before the class. See what fun this could be? Maybe you can try next year.

Have a wonderful Passover and Easter, all of you.


  1. The painting is awesome! I hope the house situation turns out well for you. The workshop sounds wonderful! I'd love to attend... maybe the next one!

  2. Beautifully painted!