Sunday, July 1, 2012

Problems with uploading images...

I'm getting messages from people that my images aren't showing up on my blog now because of bandwidth. It is very complicated trying to blog from an iPad. I'trying to figure out another method of uploading my pictures. As soon as I figure it out, I'll resume the blog. sorry. Meanwhile, we're in Vezeley. gorgeous. Pictures to come...


  1. Margaret - Use Flickr. You can make a connection between Blogger and Flickr. The only dodgy bit is that it publishes straight to the blog and not to draft.

  2. You also need to use an app which revises your image to something you're happy with before uploading to Flickr. I used Photogene

    Also you need to remember to upload a smaller image - using the 'all sizes' function in Flickr

    Is it possible you might be running out of bandwidth because you're uploading full size images rather than web ready images?