Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Has it been since July that I wrote last? Life has been almost unmanageable since then... a separation, divorce, a move, an awkward dance with several mortgage companies (still dancing), hospice with my Dad and his final passing (he's in a better place) just 3 weeks ago. I'm trying to get back to living a productive life. Can't say I'm actually doing it yet, but I'm getting there. I'm cleaning out my studio again, trying to sell work that has not sold for one reason or another, and attempting to make a little money to get me through my typically slow months. Here is the first of many small works I'll be putting up on ebay the next few weeks. I've missed blogging and look forward to hearing from my subscribers again.
"After Her Bath" is an unframed 6"x6" pastel of Rosza, my model during my workshop in France this past June. It's beginning price (and most usually the selling price) at auction is $100.00.


  1. Best wishes Margaret, sometimes it seems that the bad stuff is overwhelming but we are hard wired to survive. Its good to see you blogging again and always a joy and inspiration to see your work.

  2. Simply put...you have had a hell of a year!
    Amazing what the soul can survive through.
    My sincere condolences on the loss of your father. Glad you know he is in a better place.
    I wish for you personal peace and happiness and continued success in your art. I am thrilled you are back blogging as you start my day with pleasure.

  3. First I was so happy to see your wonderful pastel in my email this morning but so sad to read what you've been going through. I am sorry to hear about your dad. I still miss mine and it's been 8 years. My heart goes out to you. And then all the other losses as well. You never had a chance to get over one before you got hit with another. Once again so sorry for everything that's happened in your life. I look forward to more of your pastels in the future and will post a link to your site on my blog. Take care art friend:-)

  4. So happy to see you back. I send good thoughts your way and the hope of better days. It is hard to loose a parent, I am so sorry. As I said before, I am thinking of you and sending loving thoughts your way. Take care.

  5. So great to see your beautiful amazing work again. Here's to a better 2012!

  6. Thanks, everyone. Happy Thanksgiving to you all