Thursday, July 11, 2013

Back home in Atlanta

I've been fighting weeds. It seems while I was in France those 3 weeks, it rained continually in Atlanta. I returned home to find I couldn't find my garden. It was completely taken over by weeds. So I've spent the past week on my knees trying to find the garden again. I am now the proud owner of 8 cubic yards of shredded oak mulch, half of which still remains in a huge pile on my driveway. And I have spent the past two days shoveling (actually pitchforking) mulch into my wheelbarrow, wheeling it to places here and there and building what should win me the prize for best yard in the neighborhood, if there was one. Maybe I should initiate the contest with a sign announcing me as the first winner. I'm sore, sunburned and wasp-stung, but you should see my yard.

This picture above is of Honey and Joyce from our photo shoot in Kippy's livingroom in France. Kippy tells me to start preparing for next year's trip... we will take the train to Provence! I am thrilled. If anybody wants more information as we start working on it, let me know, I'll forward your name to Kippy and you'll be on the mailing list. I cannot wait.

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