Wednesday, July 24, 2013

TEA TIME, click here to bid.

About a year ago I received an email from Tony Robinson, inviting me to participate in Art in the Open, Ireland, 2013 (, where I would do plein air pastel demonstrations in exchange for lodging, and then, if we could muster up enough interest, I'd teach a 3 day figurative workshop afterwards (turns out we couldn't). His invitation came during the time of my recovery from a divorce, when I had decided to accept every invitation that came my way, anything to help get me out of my dark place. So now the time has come, and I'm to fly to Ireland on Saturday.

I've been not a little overwhelmed by the thought of traveling there alone. I know, I just got back from France, where they don't even speak English. But during my workshops in France, I am picked up at the airport and driven straight to Kippy's home, La Bonne Etoile. During our stay there, we are indulged and guided and driven to and fro and wined and dined, then deposited back at Charles de Gaulle when it's all over. A total no-brainer. In Ireland I'm basically on my own and don't know a soul.

Today I'm beginning to pack, crossing things off my list, finally dealing with what I've been avoiding for months. Get ready, I'm about to start blogging about this trip, my way of journaling and remembering. Hopefully I'll meet some wonderful artists. No doubt I'll have a glorious time painting and sipping down some pints at the end of the day. That, I'm looking forward to.

About that pretty glass vase I found under all the weeds in my garden... I was just playing stupid. I know what a bong is. I knew what a bong was 44 years ago, before some of you were even born. I was just looking for some creative suggestions as to how I could use it today--something other than it's intended use. Right now it's hiding in plain view on a shelf in my living room with some art pottery. It'll be interesting to see how many of my visitors recognize the thing.

Tea Time 2 is a 9 3/4x13" unframed pastel I did while painting with Kippy and Honey in France, after all the students had returned home. It's up for auction, starting at $200. Click on title of this post to be taken to ebay if you're interested.


  1. Margaret I am so looking forward to meeting you in Wexford.

  2. Margaret I am so looking forward to meeting you in Wexford and doing your morning workshop

  3. I knew you knew it was a bong!
    These are 2 absolute favorite paintings!
    You'll do great in Ireland. New experiences outside your comfort zone mean new fun!