Monday, December 9, 2013

LITTLE HARDO, click to bid.

This is actually Leonardo the Second. Leonardo the First lived many years ago when my kids were little. They called him Little Hardo because they couldn't pronounce Leonardo. When my grown daughter Meg got a long-haired blue-eyed white cat just like Leonardo, she gave him the same name. And the same nik-name. Little Hardo is a beautiful cat but I'm glad he lives with Meg and not me. He's a climber. When I lived in a loft and was taking care of Meg's cats for a year, I'd find Little Hardo waaaaaaay up on the rafters, peering down on me. He'd climb on mirrors and kitchen cabinets. It was hard to be angry at his destruction because he was so beautiful.

Little Hardo is a 5x7 unframed pastel, up for auction on ebay. Bidding begins at $100.


  1. Beautifully rendered as usual Margaret, well done! Subject matter gorgeous too

  2. You pastelists layer in the most amazing colors! I love following you daily.