Monday, May 11, 2015

Destination: Florence

I will be in Florence, Italy, tomorrow afternoon. I have never been to Italy. It's somewhat overwhelming to be doing this all by myself.

Debra and Ivano Zamperla will meet me at the Florence airport. Debra contacted me out of the blue many years ago, asking if I'd like to teach a workshop in Ann Arbor. I did, and then I did it again, staying in their home, and felt like I'd found old friends.

Debra is an accomplished artist, (; her husband Ivano was an art student in Italy when they met many years ago. He left his home and his art career to marry a woman he loved more. Today Ivano is an artist with wood (check out his flyer to the left. I hope it's big enough to read). And nowadays they conduct art workshops back in Ivano's home.

Which is why I'm sitting in the Atlanta airport right now. I'll be writing from Florence for the next few weeks.

The other picture of mine, a pastel sitting right now in Stewart Fine Art in Charleston, SC.,  is here in honor of Mother's Day.

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