Friday, December 14, 2018

Meet Kia, Eden and Royalty...

Meet Kia and her two sons, Eden (1)  and Royalty (5).

I met them in the laundromat when I was washing my comforter a little over a week ago on a freezing day. In the middle of our conversation I realized my machine was the only one operating. "Are you doing laundry here? " I asked her. No, she told me, they were homeless, just getting out of the cold.

Kia left her home in Kansas City and came to Atlanta to start a new life. Things didn't work out as she had hoped, and she wound up sleeping in friends' cars.

To make a long story short, I brought them into my house, with the intention of putting them into a room above my studio. The long-term plan is to get her a job, secure daycare (there are social and charity services for that, get her on the food stamp program, get her a dependable used car, and her own place.

I don't know how anybody pulls himself out of poverty without help. How much more impossible is it if you are a mother of two young kids with zero support.

Kia is smart, self-motivated and affectionate toward her children. She has a plan and she needs a hand; she was dealt a bad one. Please contribute. Let’s see if we can change a life.
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