Tuesday, December 4, 2018

PETITE BEAUTE, December 7, Cecil Byrne Gallery, Charleston SC

"Petite Beaute" is a small works exhibition at Cecil Byrne Gallery in Charleston, SC. The show features works by award-winning artists from across the USA; I'm honored to be a part of it. Here are the 5 paintings I sent the gallery; Im not sure if all 5 will be exhibited Friday. But if anybody ever wants to see more of any particular artist's work, all galleries are only too happy to bring you to the back and show you everything they have. 

I wish I could be there for opening night, but I would be honored if  you are in the Charleston area and are able to attend the reception. If you do, please tell me about it! 
Opening reception Friday, December 7, 5:00-8:00.

Cecil Byrne Gallery, 60 Broad Street, Charleston, SC 29401
Open daily 10:00-5:00

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