Saturday, September 20, 2008


Speaking of 'artists'...a pet peeve of mine...why is it some people can't put an 's' at the end of plural words like artists. Maybe it's a Southern thing, but I've seen it for years, people writing or saying "All the artist were..." And I know it wasn't a mistake on their parts because they repeat it over and over again. Even when writing it. How do we tell these people? Why do they do that?

Forgive me. Grammar is almost an obsession with me. When a reporter on the news says, "The busted pipes...", or when Jim Morrison sings "...for you and I...", I almost have a heart attack. If it weren't for that grammatical error on his part, I might have run away from home in search of him (after first seeing him in those leather pants on the Ed Sullivan Show).

But I know you did not subscribe to my blog to hear me rant about bad grammar. So I'm sending this rant with a second pastel.


  1. Wow, your work is so beautiful. You have inspired me to figure out how to use these pastels.

  2. LOL...I am so glad to know I'm not alone on that subject!!

    Beautiful piece Margaret!

  3. My biggest English language peeve right now is lose vs. loose! I go absolutely nuts! Loose is used much of the time that lose should be used! For example, "If I see these words used incorrectly again, I'll loose my mind!"