Friday, December 19, 2008



  1. I tried posting yesterday and I guess it didn't take. Anyway, I find your work outstanding expecially your color choices for flesh tones. I work in oil and pastel and in pastel I use many colors for flesh. I have been using a limited pallet in my oils lately just for a change. I'm sure your journey into oils will be as fruitful as your pastels. I love your work.
    Thanks for posting
    Rick Rotante

  2. Rick, I did get your post yesterday. Thanks so much for you kind words. I'm putting a link on my blog to yours -- beautiful work, by the way (I'll also post this message to your blog--don't know if this response will get to you).


  3. Margaret- got it . thanks.

  4. Your oil works are so stunning! Vibrant colors and make them more interesting. Wish you all the best in all your work!