Friday, June 19, 2009


ANNETTE IN RED is an 18x12.5 pastel on LaCarte Pastel Paper.

ANNETTE IN RED is a sketch I did while teaching a workshop in Chattanooga last week--just got home Wednesday night. Five artists, 3 models (mostly Annette), and I spent almost 5 days together working madly and producing some pretty impressive work. It's funny how people's voices and impressions are burned into the memory after so many hours in the same room together. I miss them all right now. Even Annette Marie Lapreze Bouvier Kennedy Onassis Merchant.

But no time to be morose. I leave in a week to teach again in upstate New York, then on to Denver for the Cherry Creek Art Festival. I'll be sitting at my easel for the next week working on the beautiful images I shot from our models this past week. You'll see a few of the images here.

Jane, Judy, Janet, Suzy and Mimi...hi!

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  1. This is gorgeous. You've played the greens against the reds and the violets against the yellows so well. I also like the fact that Annette is not a Victoria's Secret model. She is a real woman.