Monday, July 21, 2014

Back to work.

Been recovering here, from a month in France and the loss of George. My garden is keeping me occupied. I've been pulling weeds and filling my jeep with mulch, 10 bags at a time, so far 4 trips. It keeps me busy. I keep expecting George to show up though.

I've also been painting in my studio, thanks to Mike and George, who finished my ceiling and installed my air conditioner while I was gone. It's comfortable now, and lately I've spent hours up there, forgetting about the time, loving the tactile feeling of paint smearing on a canvas. I close my eyes and see beautiful brushstrokes intermingling with surprising color combinations.

I've been taking a painting class from Jim Richards an Atlanta artist; he's probably my daughter's age. But he can teach me what I need to learn -- that expressive painterly stroke. Here's one piece I worked on in class that I'm pleased with. Normally I hate my oils, but I'm thinking I'll be happily working soon.

"Red Ribbon" is an 11x14 oil on canvas.


  1. bellissimo lavoro!mi piacciono i colori,la luce,la gestualità e l'espressione!

  2. omg- Margaret- as soon as I opened this email & saw this, I drew in my's wonderful!!!! Even though I knew it wasn't your pastel still "looks like your work/style"...though even more lush! This is just RICH with delight....and I hope you keep on working in them some more!!! LOVE this!!! So sorry about the loss of your dear friend George. I'm sure he's looking on...and admiring what you're producing here! Best wishes.

  3. Margaret, this is just awesome. I like it so much I recommend you go for the oils. Stop hating them; they are wondrous.

  4. Beautiful work Margaret, even with the change in medium, you have a distinct style that is recognizable. I've always admired how you balance detail....SQUINT is what you always say :)

    Condolences on the loss of your friend.


  5. AnonymousJuly 26, 2014

    I loved this oil painting. I really loved the colors, more like your pastels! Suzie Weiss