Friday, June 28, 2013

A magical moment in Reims

Next time Jerome leads a group out of these doors I'm going with him. On Wednesday evening several of the ladies wanted to see the Eiffel Tower at night. Because I have already seen that spectacular site (it sparkles at night--a fantastic light show), and because it promised to be a cold night in Paris, I opted to stay here for a little dinner party Kippy was putting together. Jerome's crew got home at 2:00 a.m., after a dizzying tour of Paris at night, long after we had gone to bed. It was an event to remember. Yesterday Jerome took a few people to Reims while several of us opted to catch up in the studio. At dinner late last night they regaled us with their magical day. Here's a sample of what they encountered when they walked into the Basilica...


Today we drove to Provins (not Provence); that would be Provaah, not Provahnss, a 12th century walled city. While everyone went to a raptor exhibition, which I saw and loved last year, I stayed in the town square and shopped for souvenirs and had une glacé chocolat et une glacé caramel au buerre salé avec une petite cafe creme. Ordered it all by myself. We intended to go up to the studio after dinner to finish some pieces, but dinner ended again at 11:30 and everyone is wiped out. You can read more about Provins here. I'm too tired to write about it.

Tomorrow morning Kippy is taking Averill and me to Mr. Bricolage, the Home Depot on French steroids, as Averill says, to get some lace curtains!!! And tomorrow is our last day of the class, which culminates with a Vernissage, an exhibition of the work done the past two weeks. I'll post everyone's images on a Facebook page. Almost everyone leaves for home on Sunday. I return Wednesday.

Update on Victor's tin: Current contents-24. I am feeling reassured now that a child would be happy with most of the contents of this container, but I am still concerned that he might be traumatized when encountering the occasional semi-sweet. I am however feeling a slight pang of guilt that the pretty little tin is not looking full. I am looking for trinkets to fill the empty space. I may have to make extra room for these new trinkets in order to close the lid securely.

This evening's cheese...

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