Saturday, June 22, 2013

Yesterday's rainbow.

Thank you, Joyce and Lesley, for your rainbow pictures from yesterday.
Kippy took Averill (from Decatur, GA) with her on a grocery shopping expedition today while the rest of us worked in the studio listening to Emmylou Harris. Averill and I want to find the sweet lace curtains we see in everybody's windows throughout France. So she was to look for them at the local shops, and return with a report. She found them at Mr. Bricollage. "It's like Home Depot'" she says, "on French steroids. You are going to squeal!" There are rolls and rolls of lace to be cut to size, and I cannot wait to see. I've been searching online for months.

Here's today's lunch.


It is 8:00 p.m. We have been in the studio since around 10 this morning, took a break for lunch, and then went straight back to the studio. Can you imagine anyone cooped up, windows covered, for almost 10 hours while in France, not screaming to get out and see the country. Only artists. They are loving what they're doing.

Wendy from Australia washed her favorite wool jumper, but didn't read the washing machine instructions because they were in French. The jumper, before the wash, was tunic length. She and Lesley have decided they can wash all their clothes this way in order to be able to fit all their new purchases into their suitcases. They've been on vacation for weeks now. They got to see Van Morrison live in Ireland.

I want to see Van Morrison before I die.

It's cold in France today. There is a fire in the fireplace this evening. Wine is waiting. I'm headed downstairs.



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