Tuesday, June 25, 2013



G'day, mate. Wendy and Lesley are teaching us Australian. I intend to have chooks some day after I'm all settled in my new digs and have sorted out all my odds 'n sods, bibs 'n bobs. Chooks may help with any mozzies I might have. And maybe one day, if I lose 20 pounds, I'll be able to put on my togs again and not have to hide in jumpers. Who knows, maybe I'll attract a truckie or a bikie. And if we get hitched, I'd want a kiltie to play for us. But even if that never happens, she'll be right, mate.

Pictured here: Joyce from Philadelphia, Lesley from Australia, Joy from Oregon and Wendy from Australia.

I have escaped for the evening. I have been invited by Meg Bortin to her Burgundy home in Villiers-st-Benoit, about an hour southeast of La Bonne Etoile. An American who has worked as a journalist in Moscow and Paris, Meg first took my class here 4 years ago and wrote a beautiful article about her experience for the Pastel Journal, an American art magazine. This year Meg is a day student and drives home after class; I'm accompanying her tonight to see the 200+ year old home with its fig trees, apple trees, pear trees and garden she's been talking about.

Meg also teaches classes in French cooking in her Paris apartment; I have been enjoying her twice a week cooking blog for a year now. You must subscribe to it if you want a quick entertaining read and easy French recipes. everydayfrenchchef.com.

Burgundy's weather vanes and church steeples all have roosters at the top.

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  1. Oh, this is just all too fabulous! I just wanted to tell you, Margaret, that my little pastel group has SOOOO enjoyed reading your daily posts while you're in France. We feel like we're there with you, Kippy, Honey and the whole gang! In fact, we just might have to head on over there with you next year if you go again. We were at the IAPS convention and I talked with you briefly about where you might hold workshops(s) abroad next year and you mentioned you maaaaaay go back to France. I will stay in touch with your website info for updates! I learned so much from your demo in Albuquerque and I think it's showing in my work!

    Thanks for blogging, teaching and creating beautiful work!