Friday, June 13, 2014

First day of class.

We began our first day of class with a photo shoot. Outside in the sunny garden we conscripted Ann and Mimi to pose for us in robes. While they moved flower pots around and pretended to set a table over and over again, we snapped pictures with our cameras and iPhones. Then we moved inside where two more excellent models, Ellen and Kate, volunteered to put on the robes and move things around on the dining room table. Then, because nobody else would volunteer, I donned a robe and joined Michelle, in a robe of course, at the piano, where she pretended she played magnificently and I pretended I was extremely impressed. We got tons of lovely pictures to use for reference. We went immediately up to the studio afterwards and began working from photos. We worked until we were called down to lunch, enjoyed too much food and wine and a half hour of private time, and returned to the studio for several more hours.

After each artist finishes a piece, she climbs a step ladder and hangs her piece from a cable stretched across the room. The studio photo here was taken around lunch time today. Watch in upcoming photos as the numbers of paintings hung overhead start increasing.These artists will be putting out a lot of work before this workshop is through.

It was around 7:45 in the evening when I left the studio; most of the artists were still working. I'm looking forward to walking into the studio in the morning to see all the new work overhead or still on the easels.

Tomorrow Rosza, our model, comes.

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