Friday, June 20, 2014



Everything happens so durned fast around here. I had no time to write about Paris, so I hoped pictures would do the job instead. Today was our last day of studio work. We spent the morning in the studio, had another lovely lunch on the patio: roasted peppers and eggplant, wine, cheese, salad, incredible strawberries and creme anglaise. Oy veh.

Back to the studio, cranking out the work until 4:00. Cleaned up the studio, assembled our work, pinned it onto a 30x40 piece of foam core, displayed it on and easel, vacuumed the floor, set a table with flowers (thank you, Kate, for the beautiful arrangement) and champagne glasses, wine glasses, munchies, ran to our rooms to take a quick shower, got dressed in our dressiest outfits (I borrowed something from Kippy), blow dried the hair, refreshed the makeup, returned to the studio by 6:00 to greet our guests. The Vernissage had begun.

We chatted or gesticulated with the local French neighbors and friends for a couple of hours and somehow we all understood each other. It was a fun night. Here are pictures of each artist and their work.

Tomorrow morning we leave bright and early for Provence. Because of the ongoing transit strike here in France, we've opted to drive instead of take the train as originally planned. We'll take 3 cars; I'll be driving in the middle in the Mercedes station wagon--a fun car to drive, smooth and fast. I love zipping around in it.

It's late. I'm sleepy. We have to get up early and pack for our trip. I'm too tired (and full) to be excited. I'm hoping I'll have internet connection down there. I'm outa' here. Good night.


  1. AnonymousJune 21, 2014

    nous nous sommes rencontrées pendant l'expo, je voulais vous dire que j'ai été vraiment très heureuse de vous rencontrer, j'aime beaucoup votre travail, j'espère vous revoir un jour. Je vais apprendre l'anglais pour pouvoir parler avec vous la prochaine fois. I so happy to see you , i like very much your paint.

  2. I've read every blog post with envy. What a beautiful body of work! Kudos to all of you. These souvenirs to take home are better than anything you could buy!