Saturday, June 28, 2014

Thursday continued...

After drying off from our swim in the Mediterranean we drove the scenic route to La Cadiere d'Azure, yet another medieval town high on a mountaintop. It was getting late in the afternoon; we had lunch, roamed the winding narrow streets--dodging cars, poked our heads into sweet little artisans' shops, took pictures of breathtaking views, and turned around for the hour and a half drive back to the gite in Mazan. We were tired. A light dinner awaited. I headed to bed right afterwards but heard Kippy, Kate and Alice in heated conversation until the world became quiet.


  1. Okay, I'm dying to know what the heated conversation was all about!

    These are especially magnificent photos, Margaret! The swim in the sea sounds so amazing... SO wish I'd been around for that. As Kathleen said, that's bucket list stuff!

    I got a little ping pong ball in my throat with the photo of Alice, Jerome, Kate and Kathleen. I miss you all. Enjoy the remainder of your time in France and safe travels home!