Friday, June 27, 2014

Swimming in the Mediterranean Sea.

Did I say a small fishing village? That's what Rick Steves said. Turns out Cassis is a thriving resort with cafés, bistros, shopping, fine dining, incredible turquoise water, cold and wavy. It's been years since I've put on a bathing suit in public, but nothing was going to stop me from swimming in the Mediterranean. Initially freezing, once I was completely submerged it was glorious. The heavy salt content keeps you afloat so you don't even need to tread water. We could have bobbed around in the waves forever, surrounded by cliffs and terra cotta roofed houses. Only one thing I could have done sand to speak of on the beach. It's all pebbles, which hurt. Especially going into and out of the water. But so worth it.

We had seafood lunches at an outdoor table with a beautiful rose wine, went back to the beach for one last dip, and headed out for one more location, stopping en route to snap pictures of the incredible countryside. Jerome always takes the scenic route, no matter how far out of the way.



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