Thursday, June 23, 2011


I was doing something I never thought I'd see myself doing...walking through Monet's garden (and home!). It was raining that day, something that might distress some artists. But I was thrilled to see the visitors milling around with umbrellas in the garden, creating a virtual garden within a garden. I got practically giddy snapping photographs of the polka-dotted and plaid and brilliantly colored umbrellas bobbing through the perennials.

We were all to converge in the gift shop at 11:30 to head for lunch; I got there at 11:15, preoccupied with how I was going to paint my "Monet's Garden in the Rain" series, when Judith mentioned something about the lily pond. "The lily pond? I missed the lily pond! Where was it?" Judith pointed me toward the far end of the garden, and I raced with my umbrella, weaving through the groups of people who insisted on meandering slowly and pausing to take photos. I got there in time to snap a few inspiring photos and was back to meet up with our group by 11:31. With "Monet's Gardener Cleaning the Pond" series in my head.

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