Thursday, June 8, 2017

In the morning, before we left for the studio, we had a short photo session. On Thursday and Friday in the studio we will be working from these photos. We had Diane and her daughter Sophie pose for us. Diane wore the sweet silk lavender nightgown she has not been able to stop talking about since she bought it here in Florence. The light from our living room window is very nice in the morning here and we got some good shots. Sophie posed in her vintage style bathing suit, a two piece similar to the ones worn in the 50's. We had her pose in the bathroom like she was preparing for a bath. We should be making some pretty paintings the next two days.

This evening after class we took a cooking class at the Giglio Cooking School

We made lasagne. We made the pasta, we made the incredible meat sauce, full of tiny chopped onions, celery and carrots. We made the b├ęchamel, which is a cream sauce we poured in between layers of lasagna noodles, and alternated with layers of the meat sauce and grated fresh Parmesan cheese between lasagna noodles. We made Pollo con le Verdure Estive (Chicken with Summer Vegetables). We made Creme Caramel con le Mele, which was a flan over chopped caramelized apples and raisins. And we ate every last bit of it.

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