Friday, June 9, 2017


Well, I punked out. Last night after class everyone (except me) went to the Academia to see Michelangelo's "David." I went to sleep and slept most of the evening and into the morning. Finally got caught up on my jet lag. Just in time for me to head back home. So I didn't write. Today was the last day of class, tonight Ivano is cooing us dinner. He's been at it for a couple of hours. I'm seeing him slice a gazillion potatoes, I think I saw chicken. Whatever it is, it smells divine. I'm sitting at the table in the kitchen blogging and sipping prosecco. I think I may make a habit of having prosecco in my house.

Tomorrow, some of us will travel to Venice! Some will prefer to go elsewhere. Stephanie and Sandy (see Sandy Wood's sketch book pages below. She travels and sketches and makes the most incredible sketchbooks every trip) will stick around here in Florence, hang out in the Duomo piazza and sip coffee; we haven't had a whole lot of leisurely time. Not sure what everyone else is doing. But I'm going to Venice.

I have never been to Venice and am dying to see it in real life. I'm always jealous when I see other people's travel pictures.

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