Wednesday, July 4, 2018

On my way to France again...

I am on my way to France again to teach a 2 week workshop at La Bonne Etoile. I'm excited to be seeing Kippy and Jerome again; it'll be like going home.

Several months ago, I suggested to my daughters that I'd like for one of them to join me and be the model for my classes in France. Meg and Anna grew up posing for me. Anna had just started her new job as a nurse in Savannah, and her 14 year old son will be home for the summer break. So Meg jumped at the chance.

A few weeks later I saw Meg again. She had blue hair.

Meg is a stylist and every time I see her it's a new color. I should have been prepared. Yikes, I thought. Not sure this will go over well for 2 weeks in the studio. So off to the wig shop she went. And she sent me photos of all the wigs she tried on. We chose three. And I have another in my bag.

So we're sitting at the gate this evening, waiting for our flight to load. We'll be in France tomorrow.

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